Healing Our World

Healing Our World

First, find five topics from Healing our World, (See attached) Chapter 18 that you find most relevant and meaningful.  These topics must be entirely verbatim.  For example, a topic from Healing our World would be:  “Tariffs are taxes imposed on imported goods.  Consumers ultimately pay for tariffs in the form of higher prices (page 290)”.  Page numbers must be referenced.

– Next, directly following each quote, compare and relate each of the five topics with two (2) topics from any of the professor’s lectures (See attached),  any of the video case studies shown in class, or any topic from the textbook.

·         This is not a research paper.    The only sources should be the Healing Our World book, video case studies shown in class, the textbook, and the professor’s lectures.

The application to the lecture must reference slide numbers from the lectures, verbatim quotes from the videos, and textbook references must specify exact quotes with page numbers.


5 pages, Each page should be double- spaced in 12pt font