About Global Trade Alert

About Global Trade Alert

Discussion Question Only. This is not a paper. Only requires a paragraph that answers the question. I can turn in no later than 9 AM Eastern time 8/29/16. Sorry such short notice.


  • Go to the Global Trade Alert’s Website and read the “About Global Trade Alert” section, located at http://www.globaltradealert.org/about. On the far left-hand side of the screen, select the following in the drop-down menus:

Next, click “Search” and a list of trade defense measures with logistics and distribution will appear.

    • Choose any category from the list to answer the discussion questions. Provide a brief description of the category you chose, and state your opinion on whether or not it is discriminatory.
    • Reverse the search terms from the first part of this discussion (see image below), and examine the categories to determine whether or not there are common themes with the search in the first part of the discussion. Suggest country policies that the U.S. Commerce Department could put in place in order to improve upon global distribution strategies.