Galileo and the Copernican Revolution

Galileo and the Copernican Revolution

From Osiander’s Foreword to De Revolutionibus, find at least two

arguments for instrumentalism. Support your answer with quotations.

Using arguments and examples from Copernicus’ Preface to De

Revolutionibus, explain the difference between a simple theory, a complex theory, and a coherent theory. Is a coherent theory necessarily simple?

Describe an instance where Galileo believed a theory that appeared to be contradicted by some observational evidence. Was he justified in doing so (i.e. did he have good theoretical arguments or observational evidence)?

According to Galileo what should we do when we encounter an

apparent conflict between our sensory experience and the truth of a

biblical passage?

Do you think there are relationships between simplicity and realism?

Give a reason/argument for your answer. Do you think there are relationships in science between complexity and instrumentalism? Give a reason/argument for you answer.