Formal proposal for going green

Formal proposal for going green

E227 Global Solutions is constantly paving the way for a more efficient business functions with our customers. In doing so we have proposed to go green on the way we conduct our business. Our plan to achieve this goal is to use electronic paperless document to provide to our consumers. The next step to our green solution is to choose environmentally friendly machines in use for the office, such materials includes solar powered electronics, one that will provide long lasting use, a recycling production to reduce the use of paper. Additionally, using energy efficient fixtures and electronics can greatly improve the carbon footprint of the company. Lastly, taking advantage of natural light in the offices will have a great impact on our go green initiative.
Background of the Problem brief description of problem and the importance of solving the problem
E227 Global Solutions is spear heading a go green initiative to improve the company’s carbon footprint. With the go green plan we hope to provide a quality service all the while helping to sustain the environment. This is imperative to the company’s future as a leader in green technologies.
Statement of Purpose. What is the purpose of the proposal?
Proposing a plan for reducing the carbon footprint of the company.
Sources and Methods key words on types of sources that will be used

Report Organization list the three sections that will be covered in the Discussion section of the report.

Paperless documents
Environmentally friendly machines
Recycling production
Natural lighting
II. Discussion
Solution and Benefits — state the solution, list some possible benefits
Paperless documents will help to minimize the use of papers as a primary source of documentation. In case of use of paper the company will recycle used papers using its on refinement center.
Energy efficient machine is a way to reduce the carbon usage.
Taking advantage of natural lighting instead can greatly improve the go green process.
Cost list the possible types of costs for the proposed solution
Paperless documents will not cost a dime and is by far the best choice for reducing carbon footprint. On the other hand, replacing machine that are not energy efficient will have extra cost. This proposed plan may be expensive.
Conclusion and Recommendation issues that led to the need for this solution; key word phrase of what is being recommended
In conclusion the go green initiative will greatly increase the performance of office function and provide a clear and more efficient working environment while reducing the carbon footprint of the company.

For the week 8 assignment, you will submit a formal proposal recommending a strategy the company could adopt to go green. To prepare for writing the formal proposal, this week you will submit an outline of the entire proposal, as well as the introduction of the proposal itself. NOTE: In order to complete this week’s assignment, you must have an understanding of the entire formal proposal. (See information in Course Project under Course Home.)

Remember, the goal of the proposal is to recommend a sustainable green strategy the company can adopt to reduce the carbon footprint by 25%. The primary audience is your division manager, Anne Brown; however, your proposal will probably be read by anyone in upper management.

As part of the planning stage, research 3-4 green strategies and decide on a specific strategy (e.g., reducing printer waste such as paper and ink; phasing in an energy efficient fleet of vehicles; installing solar panels or wind turbines to power the office building, etc.). Or you can research a general area such as physical facilities, recycling, transportation, etc. Just make sure the solution is broad enough so that you’ll be able to talk in depth about the one recommended strategy.

For your research, you need to find a variety of sources. Some sources may be found through the DeVry library, while others could be found through internet research. To use library resources, go to the Student Resources tab (under Course Home), click Library, and familiarize yourself with the menu in the upper left hand corner. Explore various sources, including the online librarian. A good place to become familiar with this topic is with Green Business Practices for Dummies (2009) by Lisa Swallow, which is available through DeVry’s online library, as well as additional online sources listed in the Course Resources. Make sure all sources are credible. To avoid plagiarism, all borrowed material must be cited correctly using APA guidelines.

Be formatted as a formal proposal, following the guidelines for formal proposals in the text (including the guidelines for headings and subheadings found on pages 426-439).
Include required front matter (Title Page and Transmittal Correspondence) and end matter (References).
Include an Introduction (first-level heading) with four second-level headings of fully developed text: Background of the Problem, Statement of Purpose, Sources and Methods, and Report Organization.
Fully explain the green strategy you are proposing. (The word count for the introduction and body should be 1250-1750 words). The Discussion will have the following second-level headings:

Solution and Benefits: Identify your solution and discuss its benefits. Include a visual.
Cost: This section should include individual costs to the organization, but may also include any cost savings that may be realized. Include a table to help readers visualize what is presented in this section.
Conclusion and Recommendation: Review the issues that led to the proposed solution and clearly state the recommendation you want the reader to implement.
Conclude with a brief statement that expresses a positive sentiment or statement.
Include References page (at least six credible sources in APA format). Include appendices (if applicable).
Include two visuals: a figure that helps explain the recommended green strategy and a table under the Cost section that clearly represents the data being explained. Visual aids and their inclusion must adhere to the standards presented in Chapter 9 (specifically refer to Integrating Visuals with Text on page 244).
Use at least six credible researched sources appropriately and effectively.
Include proper documentation using APA style (in-text citations and References page); please check your work using the Dropbox/
Be free of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.
A successful Formal Proposal will include the following:

The revised (as indicated by the professor in the Week 6 graded assignment) Introduction section and organization of the report.
The Introduction includes all four sections with fully developed original text appropriate for each section.
Evidence the writer fully grasps the purpose/goals of the proposal assignment, including selecting the appropriate organizational approach.
Body of proposal is properly formatted, with at least two heading levels.
Well-developed content that is written in the student’s own words (Introduction and Body of the report should be between 1250-1750 words. (The word count of the project does NOT include Title page, Letter of Transmittal, and References/Appendices).
Sufficient research material to support ideas.
Two visual aids (one figure and one table), properly placed, referenced, and cited.
Direct quotes and/or paraphrases of outside material that are properly integrated into the text and cited (in-text and end-of text) per APA guidelines.
A References page that lists at least six credible sources.
Proper use of formatting and style (e.g., bullets, headings, lists, etc.).
An awareness and proper use of all 10 writing conventions for professional writing (as appropriate) covered in Week 2.
Use of proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization; written in third person