“What Factors Are Most Important to Your Job Satisfaction.”

The assignment for this unit is the Experiential Exercise at the end of Chapter 3 in your text, entitled “What Factors Are Most Important to Your Job Satisfaction.” Read the exercise and review the list of 21 factors or attributes.

Once you have reviewed the text exercise, go to the Society for Human Resource Management’s website (SHRM), and review their results of a study conducted on 600 employees about job satisfaction. The link to the study is:


Once you have reviewed both the experiential exercise and the online study results, complete the following Assignment:


On a sheet of paper, rank-order the list of job factors from top to bottom, so that number 1 is the job factor you think is most important to your job satisfaction, number 2 is the second most important factor to your job satisfaction, and so on.

Then answer the following questions:

1.Explain why you selected your top 5.

2.Click the Charts icon below to see the results of a study of a random sample of 600 employees conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). How do your rankings compare to the SHRM results? If your rankings are different, why might that be?