Express your motivation or desire to become a Physician Assistant

Express your motivation or desire to become a Physician Assistant

Please watch the attached video to help answer question 1. This video really touched me and is one of the reasons I would like to become a physician assistant. Can you help me convey that?

Please do not limit your responses to meet 3 pages if your response will exceed 3 pages just let me know and I will purchase additional pages. Feel free to reach out to me if u require additional information or some of my thoughts to better craft the response.

1)When did you first realize that you had a passion for serving and helping others? Explain your interest in becoming a Physician’s Assistant in four or five sentences.

2) Why a Physician’s Assistant and not a Physician? What does this specialty offer that other options lack?

3)What is unique about your ability to develop meaningful interpersonal relationships with your patients? How do you engender their trust? How do these strengths make you better equipped to work in private practice with patients or, perhaps in conjunction with General Surgeons and physicians from a variety of specialties?

4) Briefly describe some of the significant, yet varied experiences you have had, both educationally, and during practical, clinical or volunteer assignments, that have prepared you for the breadth of emotional and psychological concerns faced by the vast majority of Physician’s Assistants in daily practice? What, would you say, was the most valuable of all these experiences and taught you the most?

5) What do you envision as your greatest potential contribution to the field of Medicine, (and, in particular, as a Physician’s Assistant) and how does it relate to both your educational and practical background?

6) How does one become close and familiar with long-term patients while retaining the necessary objectivity to be a Physician’s Assistant who can be counted on to always act in the patient’s best interests? How does one engender the trust of patients who are frustrated, frightened, confused and need both honest answers but also reassurance?

7) What is the most challenging aspect of your work, and what are some of the reasons you chose this particular graduate program to advance your studies? What is the most important contribution you intend to make if accepted into the program? List some contributions you intend to bring to the field of Medicine once practicing as a Physician’s Assistant