Explain EWC current marketing strategy

Explain EWC current marketing strategy

Review the  EWC history and marketing strategy attached in Week One of  MOODLE. Also review EWC  website (http://www.ewc.edu/)  and University of North Florida (UNF) website  (http://www.unf.edu/)   to assist you in responding to the following questions.

Please review the writing rubric located in week one of MOODLE  to assist you with completing the  individual assignment


1. Identify similarities and differences in the ways EWC and UNF create value for their students on their website?

2. What are the  differences  in the colors and pictures used on the sites?

3. Are there differences in how the services are described?

4. How do these differences communicate the value messages being communicated by the different students?

Utilize the questions  to write a half page (1/2) page analysis of at least 250 words.Cover page and reference page is not included in the half  pages count .  The analysis is not to be in questions and answers format. The paper is to be written in an objective tone (third person) and in APA formatting.  Please reference at least two sources on your reference page.

Requirements for the case study: Utilizing the questions listed below to prepare a group presentation, the team  presentation can be delivered in whatever creative method the team find acceptable (power points, website, essay etc.). Please do not present an analysis in questions and answers format. The team leader should post a brief synopsis(one page) of what your team presentation consist of specifically what is your team final analysis. Remember to identify the role each team member in your synopsis and team evaluation

Case Analysis Paper:


·Ex 1.Explain EWC current marketing strategy (review marketing strategy PowerPoint and Notes)

·     2.Can  EWC sustain its competitive advantage? Why or why not?

·W 3.What are EWC biggest threats and which opportunities should EWC pursue? (Perform a SWOT analysis to determine EWC opportunities and threats)