Experienced and innovative all-rounder to lead the firm through its next stage of development

Puzhen Life USA LLC, founded in 1995, is a brand of health and wellness products whose headquarters is located at US while its factory is in Shenzhen (China). We are looking for an experienced and innovative all-rounder to lead our firm through its next stage of development.

This leadership position is responsible for the direction of corporate development, finance and operations, as well as the development, coordination, and implementation of tools and policies that allow our team to effectively and efficiently manage complicated business matters . This includes extensive stakeholder management among our clients, partners, and subcontractors. This position is also responsible for legal , contracting and procurement, organizational policymaking and staff planning affairs. In this position, one will work hand in hand with other departments to get things done. The ideal candidate is a charismatic & open-minded leader with a track record of scaling businesses and leading dynamic teams.

This is a full-time job for our New Jersey office. The successful candidate will report directly to the CEO and remuneration will vary with experience and performance to the candidate.

Key Work Areas


  •       Act as the company’s chief finance officer. Overseeing financial planning, analysis, modeling, organizational, and program budgeting.
  •       Ensuring financial and operational plans are implemented according to relevant best practices and regulations.
  •       Assessing the company’s financial performance against financial and operational goals.
  •       Developing and reviewing the policies and procedures for financial control to ensure that current and future business requirements are fulfilled.

.Organizational Operations

  •       Monitoring organizational operations, corporate strategies, terms of contracts, organizational transactions, financial planning, insurance matters and relationships with vendors.
  •       Proactively analyzing organizational priorities and making proposals on business development priorities.
  •       Collaborating with other departments to ensure projects and budgets are confined to organizational plans.
  •       Handling legal affairs and liaising with attorneys if necessary.