Evidence-based Human Resource Management best practices

Evidence-based Human Resource Management best practices

This discussion helps you develop the skills to master the following course competencies:

  • Examine evidence-based HRM best practices among organizations that demonstrate an employee-centered culture.
  • Analyze methods of supporting employee-centered culture through organizational design and workforce diversity.

    Activity Instruction

    In this discussion, you will gain experience in:

  • Analyzing an HRM professional’s role in supporting a culture of diversity through organizational design.
  • Researching HRM professional organizations or other accrediting organizations to assess the creation of employee-centered practices and climates.

    Locate journal articles or HRM-related publications that profile HRM leaders in organizations that have a reputation for employee-centered work environments.

  • Analyze the characteristics of these HRM leaders and evaluate the action steps taken to create an employee engagement environment.
  • Assess the challenges, barriers, and other obstacles that existed and describe what occurred in the organization to change the culture and systems of the organization.