Employee training & development

Employee training & development

Read the scenario below and prepare a two or three-page memo which addresses the questions posed below.

You are employed in the training department of a small computer company operating in the U.S. Your company has a group of salespersons that sell computer products to retail chains and department stores. Recently, it has come to management’s attention that sales on one of your home computers, “Astrocomp ZT”, are below the projected sales figures for the last two quarters. The ZT is a fairly new product that was introduced approximately nine months ago. The company has spent more money on advertising over the last three-quarters than their nearest competitors. One year ago, the company hired thirty salespeople. These new employees were trained on-the-job and did not receive any formal training. They were assigned to an experienced salesperson that they shadowed for three months. The new employees were then assigned their own sales areas.

Over the last six months, several customers have complained that your salespeople are unable to answer product and warranty questions. A few customers have complained about the attitudes of your sales staff, as well. Management has asked you to look into the problem.

  1.       Assume that you have a training problem. Describe the specific areas/skills that the new salespeople lack. Justify    your focus on these particular areas/skills.
  2.       Design a training program to address the problems described in your previous answer. State the objectives of    the program and decide on the training techniques you will use. Explain the content of your program in detail.   Include in your discussion a complete description of your training techniques. Justify the use of the techniques by   relating them to your objectives (how do the content and techniques help you achieve your training objectives?).
  3.        Briefly explain how you will evaluate your training program to ensure the intervention has been successful.
  4.        Keep in mind that these sales employees are dispersed all over the U.S., how will your training address this problem?

If you make any assumptions, please explain these in the beginning of your memo. You may also describe  additional information you would like to collect that would increase the likelihood of designing a successful  training program.