Employee Relations-Sexual Harassment

Employee Relations-Sexual Harassment

A female Hispanic floriculture supervisor, Ana Mendez, has reported to Employee Relations that she has been sexually harassed by Ellis Wilson in which he has created a hostile working environment by frequently stopping by to see her at her worksite and constantly commenting on how sexy she is and pressing her to “just go for a few drinks” on too many occasions. She declares she has rejected his advances and informed him if he did not stop harassing her she would report it to management. He did not stop. Ellis’ position is that he happens to have work and audits to be done in areas where she happens to be. He does not believe any comments complimenting her should be taken as seriously because he is just a friendly type of guy. Ellis does not seem to realize when certain actions can be perceived as sexual harassment.

Employee Relations Manager, Roberto Miranda, discussed the matter with you. You direct Roberto to apply conflict resolution techniques in hopes of keeping the matter from accelerating into a full-fledged EEOC complaint. Smith has informed you he wants this matter resolved quietly and quickly.

Discuss with your team different ways to handle this sensitive matter considering the positions of Smith, Ellis Wilson, and the floriculture supervisor.

Consider various conflict resolution techniques.

Design a conflict resolution that is reasonable, fair to both sides, and results in everyone being educated about sexual harassment in the workplace.

Include any disciplinary action, if you believe it is warranted.

Include any other technique that will help resolve or address the conflict, i.e. ethical considerations, settlement offer, disciplinary action, demotion, termination, etc.

Write a 750- to 1,050-word conflict resolution plan, in the third person voice.

Use headings to appropriately signal the topics and keep your document organized