Domestic and International Affairs of the US between 1940s – 2000s

Contemporary US History
4 –page in-class analysis essay. (Times New Roman, size 12, double-space, full 4
pages, no name/class/date header)
No need for citations or quotations since this essay is written in class without
opening books.
Main Topic: Relationship between Domestic and International Affairs of the US.
Timeframe: from 1940s to 2000s.
Discuss how domestic affairs affected international affairs.
Discuss how international affairs affected domestic affairs.
This is a back and forth relationship (a culture change may occur due to an
international interaction, or American culture/society may cause an
international event to occur)
Questions to answer while writing your essay:
• Who were involved?
• What affected what?
• How did American society shape those international affairs?
• How did those international events affect American society and culture?
* Be “wide scope”: not just one instance, discuss this relationship over a long time
Use the materials from the book “Give Me Liberty: An American History – Volume
2” to discuss in your essay. However, no direct quotes and citations since you won’t
have the book to use while writing this essay in class.
Your essay will be graded based on how well you use your reasoning skill and
materials from the book to support your points.
The book can be viewed/downloaded through this link:
The following are some important subjects to considered (but not limited to)
while writing your essay:
§ LBJ, Great Society; LBJ, Vietnam
§ Anti-communism
o Proxy wars
o “Under God”, 1954
o Conformity
o Civil Disobedience
§ Anti-Government
o Doves vs Hawks
§ 1868-Year of Uncertainty (foreign & domestic)
§ Hypocrisy & American policy
§ Peace Corps
§ Anti-war
o New journalism/communications
§ US trying to become superpower
§ Paris Peace Accords
o Nixon
§ The Race to the Moon
o Between Soviets & America