Does Classical Music Still Matters?

Does Classical Music Still Matters?

Assignment Brief

  1. Purpose

This assignment is designed to develop your writing. It provides an opportunity to

apply research practices and processes that have been introduced in lectures and

seminars. These include:

  • Selecting a field of research
  • Developing a coherent research method
  • Surveying and critically evaluating scholarly material
  • Reviewing and reflecting on one’s own writing
  1. Task

Write a literature review on a current controversy selected by you and agreed by

your instructor. You may wish to take this topic from the area of your major,

related studies or from the field of current affairs. Present and critically examine

the range of views that exist around this topic, drawing on your knowledge of rival

viewpoints and your ability to summarise, argue and refute.

  1. Assessment

Assessment is divided into two stages:

Stage 1. Research Process (50 %)

To demonstrate a research process you will produce a portfolio of the research you

have carried out. You will make use of processes and good practices introduced in

the lectures and seminars. The portfolio will include:

  • A synopsis of the proposed research project
  • An annotated working bibliography which summarises, compares and

provides a critical commentary on the sources consulted.

  • A draft paper which synthesises the material from your annotated working

bibliography (1500 words)

Stage 2. Research Paper (50%)

Your research paper will be developed out of your research portfolio and will

demonstrate major revisions on the draft. These will show that you have critically

reflected on the draft and on tutor feedback. The length with in-text citations, but

excluding the reference list, should be 2,000 words in length (+/- 100 words i.e.

minimum 1,900 and maximum 2,100). It will include

  • A context for you research. Here you will outline your purpose, your

method and your constraints.

  • A literature review of the various viewpoints that are held about this

controversy. These viewpoints must be treated critically and the

connections between them must be shown.

  • A short statement of your own position, based on the literature review


Additional required features of this paper:

  • In addition to the text, there needs to be a cover page, a references list, optional

appendices for visual and other material, all of which should conform to a

named referencing style.

  • You may select which referencing style you use, but you must specify clearly

which one you are following and include a link to the citation style sheet you

are using.

  • You must use SIX to EIGHT sources.
  • In order to be awarded a grade the final paper must be submitted to


  1. Guidance on sources

Make sure that you include on-line sources from Lexis-Nexis and EBSCOhost. To

score well your research should not, however, be limited to electronic sites and

your working bibliography should provide adequate evidence that you have used a

range of different source types in order to thoroughly research your topic.

  1. Avoiding Plagiarism:

Be extremely careful to cite all your sources, and to do all the project work

yourself. Do not ask someone else to edit or correct your writing. Unauthorised

assistance and editing are considered acts of plagiarism (for a full definition,

please refer to your course outline).

  1. Research Project Grading

Research Portfolio 50%

The portfolio comprises:


Annotated working bibliography

Draft paper

Final paper 50%