Diversity plan

Diversity plan

Develop and Implement diversity policy (Show Audit approach with Brief explanations)

ReportYou will critically analyse an existing diversity policy with an evaluation of its effectiveness and recommendations for improvement showing knowledge of relevant legislation, codes of practice and standards.

Effective diversity policies establish the framework and direct the organisation’s actions in pursuit of a long term goal of inclusive culture.  An inclusive culture is a continuous process dependent on strong commitment from senior management.  The characteristics of inclusive culture reflect workplace diversity – for example, age, culture, disability, gender, religion, parenting, career responsibilities, hierarchy/status, work experience, ethnicity and sexual orientation.

The sorts of performance indicators that are used to measure the success of workplace diversity programs include:

  • Numbers and patterns of participation in the workplace
  • Percentage of diverse groups (age, gender and nationalities) on boards and in senior level management positions, steering committees and working parties
  • Degree of change in the organisation’s employee profile, distribution of diverse groups across occupations and salary levels
  • Extent of flexible work practices in place to balance work and personal responsibilities
  • Number of grievances and incidents of workplace harassment and their resolution
  • Extent of recruitment of diverse groups, promotion numbers and awarding of bonuses
  • Retention and separation rates and returns from maternity leave
  • Analysis of workplace compensation claims
  • Statistics on numbers affected by downsizing and reorganisation, turnover and absenteeism
  • Feedback on the results of specific initiatives and diversity surveys to identify issues in relation to career development, job satisfaction and management support

Not being a member of the organisation will make it hard to find out these statistics so we will need to work around that.

3B) Presentation – You will give a presentation to the class on your research on diversity policy.  A policy is a plan or course of action of a business, government, political party or organisation intended to influence and determine decisions and actions.  This presentation is about sharing so we can all learn from each other.