DISCUSS how people socialized by the media

How people socialized by the media

Discussion 4.2: Social Self Answer the following questions for the initial post. Keep a record of your use of the mass media for one day- (but not limited to) television, the Internet, and so forth-including what you watched, read, communicated, and your reasons for engaging in the media. Next, take the role of a sociologist and answer the following questions: 1. DISCUSS how people socialized by the media. 2. SELECT a specific communication (writing, television program, etc.). What norms and values can you identify? How would they affect the viewing audience? 3. SELECT one of the media outlets you observed and DISCUSS the content that you viewed. Who was the target audience of the media? What did the media focus on (content)? Finally, read the reply other students’ answers and consider their answer to number two (above). What are additional norms and values that you can Identify and why?