Development of Self as Nurse: Advanced Professional Issues

Development of Self as Nurse: Advanced Professional Issues

Career Plan

Nursing students are at various stages of entering a health care system that offers diverse opportunities for professional practice. Career development can help students stay focused and challenged so that that they can create learning opportunities related to their career goals. The career planning process can serve as a guide to help students to achieve a sense of control over their educational activities and to prepare for future employment. Using the career template provided(chart), you will develop a nursing career plan using the Career Planning and Development Guide from the International Council of Nurses document – It’s Your Career – Take Charge. You will engage in the career planning process by completing the five phases of the career planning and development model to develop a strategic nursing career plan. (My focus and area of interest is on Mental health nursing)


Resumé & Cover Letter

You will also develop a cover letter and resumé for an entry-level nursing position that is currently available and that you would like to apply to upon graduation. Your cover letter should persuade the reader that you are qualified for the position, highlight your relevant skills and experience, and use an appropriately formal and professional tone and style. The cover letter should conform to standard business-letter formatting conventions (including placement of the date, address of author, address of recipient, and appropriate salutation and closing), and specifically address the person hiring for the position. You may also want to ask for an interview, thank the employer for his/her time, and/or give specific contact details.(see uploaded job posting

Your resumé should be easy to read, display a professional manner and style, and include the appropriate categories such as education, work experience, skills, summary of qualifications, extra-curricular activities, volunteer work, professional certifications and/or affiliations, etc. You should use professional terminology when describing your qualifications; provide appropriate and relevant information to emphasize your skills and experience; and ensure that it your resumé contains no grammatical errors or typos. The resumé and cover letter should be customized to target the position you are applying for