Describe the formation of a thunderstorm

Describe the formation of a thunderstorm

Lift Coalesce Cool Moisture Precipitation Warmer

Updrafts Downdrafts Condenses Latent Convection Cell

In order for a thunderstorm to form, there must be abundant____________________ in the lower atmosphere, a

mechanism to ____________________ the air, and the portion of the atmosphere through which the cloud grows must

be ____________________. Air can only rise if it is ____________________ than the air around it. During the first stage

of thunderstorm development, air rises vertically creating ____________________. Moisture ____________________

into cloud droplets, releasing ____________________ heat. Those cloud droplets ____________________ and

eventually form precipitation. During the mature stage, ____________________ falls and cools the air around it. Cool air

sinks creating ____________________. Updrafts and downdrafts form a ____________________. During the final stage,

downdrafts eventually ____________________ the area where the warm air was fueling the storm. Updrafts stop, and

the storm rains out the rest of its precipitation.