Describe and explain “integral leadership”

Describe and explain “integral leadership”

Discussion Questions (2 pages for 3 questions below)

  1. Describe and explain “integral leadership” and this emphasis on improving links with different constituencies they serve. Build on this, and compare and contrast the role of the faculty in 1858, 1967, and academic-market institutions of today.
  2. Describe learning experiences, knowledge, and skills needed in student learning to address the world of work. Apply characteristics for creating an institutional culture of quality, learning-centered, and performance-oriented higher education that can support this.
  3. Outline the factors that foster student development and learning. Apply the principles of curriculum design, competencies, goals, outcomes, assessment, and program evaluation. Describe how they look at your institution or a place where you have taken classes?


Instructions (6 pages)

Monograph Reviews: Over the duration of the course you will be assigned three differing monographs to review and to write a report on. The objective is for you to identify:


  • What you learned from the monograph?
  • What are the major ideas that the report is attempting to communicate?
  • How well the report communicated those ideas?
  • What changes in current practice (if any) does the report advocate for?
  • What are the reports’ flaws, if any?
  • Do you agree with what this document concludes?
  • What ideas for additional inquiry are likely based upon this report?
  • How is this report likely to influence your practice as a Higher Education professional now and in the future?


It is important you connect your report with the material covered during the course in the texts, and draw out comparisons, analogies and examples with a well-developed narrative.


  1. Request for 2 pages for 3 discussion questions
  2. Request for 6 pages for the Monograph Review
  3. Please use APA format
  4. Please use references listed below
  5. Please use attached files for references.


Bastedo, M. (2012).The Organization of Higher Education: Managing Colleges for a New Era. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins Press.

Diamond, Robert M. (2002). Field Guide to Academic Leadership: A Publication of the National Academy for Academic Leadership. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.