Critique of the Pelzer Book (Child Called it)

Critique of the Pelzer Book

For this assignment, you will write a critique of the Pelzer Book (Child Called it). Write a paper on your thoughts/reactions to this book. The paper is to be in APA Format and can be completed with a minimum of ten (10) pages plus references. The assignment must include:

• A discussion of how this book impacted you emotionally and cognitively. (Be specific about the particular points that caught your attention and your reactions to them).
• A discussion of the instances in this story where people could have stopped the maltreatment but did not. Why do you think these individuals did not report? What are your reactions to the individuals/organizations who failed to offer assistance? Could you envision yourself in a similar circumstance?
• A discussion of your thoughts on what prevented help from being given to this child at different points in time; and, your ideas on whether and under what circumstances any of these reasons is sufficient for failure to protect the child;
• Your thoughts on how this society is doing in terms of protecting children. What are our strengths and weaknesses?
• Things we might do individually and collectively to prevent this from happening to other children;
• Discuss how this story will impact your professional responses to children and families who are facing similar issues. In other words, how might this story impact your future responses in your roles as a teacher, social worker, law enforcement officer, psychologist, counselor, etc?
• Select two scholarly articles from the annotated bibliography that relate to the issues presented in this book (such as, mandated reporting, scapegoating, mental illness and child maltreatment, effects of abuse on children, role of teachers in reporting, etc.). Present a short review of the main points of each article and discuss how the articles relate to this story.
• Finally, what did you learn from reading this book that you did not know previously?