Creating a Behavior Management Project

Plan a behavioral intervention in a collaborative manner with your target student’s parents, school counselor, paraprofessionals, classroom teacher, other interested parties, and/or the student if appropriate! Together, you should agree on a behavioral objective and methods of the intervention. You also need to identify any supplemental aids or supports, and a means to measure, and a long-term plan of support if needed. Afterwards, you need to implement your intervention plan for a minimum of seven days and collect data at least a class period per day for seven days.
In an approximately 7 page summary:
• Describe the collaborative process during the development of the intervention plan.
• Describe prevention strategies, modification of difficult or non-preferred tasks, instructional and response strategies, and a means to measure.
• Present key findings in the text as well as graph the baseline and intervention data.
• Include changes that you would make on the plan for a future intervention plan, and your thoughts and reflections on the roles of special educators dealing with behavioral issues, and your FBA and PBS process.
• Provide guidance and directions for other professionals to deal with students who share similar behavioral characteristics.

2) Table of Contents
3) Introduction including:
i. Your personal philosophy of classroom management
ii. A description in paragraph form of the path on which will take the reader of this document

4) Conclusion and Personal Reflections
5) References of any influencing research or authors