Creating an Ecomap

Creating an Ecomap


  • In this assignment, you will explore dynamic strengths and weaknesses of families. Review the Client Session Tools media piece and develop an ecomap of one of the three Riverbend City case study families or, if you prefer, of own family system.

Using the symbols described in the media piece, illustrate and identify the communication patterns being demonstrated among and between the family members. Identify major strengths and supports of the family system as well as the stressors impacting the family system.

In addition to the actual drawing, which can be done using software such as Microsoft Visio or Word or by hand and then scanned to a PDF file, you will write a description of your analysis, explaining what the ecomap reveals about the family system as well as the process of constructing an ecomap.

Format: Approximately 2 to 3 pages, using standard APA style. Be sure to support your work with appropriately cited peer-reviewed academic journals.

Review the Creating an Ecomap Scoring Guide to ensure you have met all of the requirements for this assignment.