Create a digital press kit for a featured event

The Press Kit is a communication technique designed to generate news stories about a company, brand, individual and/or event. It is a visual and written packet delivered to the media (via the media list) to generate PR, interviews, etc.

The Kit contains some or all of the features listed below:

-News or Feature Stories written as a news release

-Photographs with captions

-Biographies of important people

-Company profiles

-Brochures, samples, Flyers,

-etc., any visual images.

Media kits are typically presented in a two-pocket folder (visit the AIU library to view examples). Today it is likely for a company to design electronic digital kits. For this assignment, you will create a digital press kit for your featured event. You must include the following items: Company History, Press Release, company images, any previous press on the company/event (you may use previously published information or create new stories, and any visual images to support. You may create your press kit using PowerPoint.