Create a clothing company that uses all American made materials and production

Create a clothing company that uses all American made materials and production

You will be required to analyze two plans and provide feedback. No plan can be reviewed more than twice; every plan must have two reviews.

Your review should include concrete feedback that focuses on the specifics of the plan. For example, you may comment on the facets of the SWOT analysis or can offer a supported comment on the choice of competitive landscape.

Not acceptable feedback includes comments such as “great job,” “I like your plan,” etc. Not that you cannot use these phrases in conjunction with supported comments, but these comments are not enough.

Please make your initial post by midweek, and respond to at least one other student’s post by the end of the week.





I have decided to create a clothing company that uses all American made materials and production, and offer custom screen printing for all products called Americas crew. This will be an e-commerce company with no brick and mortar retail stores. My main goal would be to have an American made company, to support our local economy and create jobs here in the United States. clothing will be designed, manufactured, printed, packaged, and shipped in the USA. Americas Crew will specialize in work and reflective clothing tops. Examples would include tee shirts, long sleeve shirts, polos, hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, reflective work vest and jackets, and a thermal line for cold weather.

My target audience would be of people in the trades and military veterans aging between 18 – 65. I believe these two groups of people are the most patriotic, and would appreciate and support an American made product. I am not saying these two groups are the only types of people that would buy American made. My main sources of communication to the consumer would be via a home website, word of mouth, email, a app,search word optimization and social media websites. I understand a little bit about website analytics, and how to track website traffic. This is key when using metrics to help your business become and stay successful.

Jason L.


PLAN # 2


Now my product is to open my own food truck called JK Food Truck. My target market is college students, and sport fans/tailgaters. The food that I will be serving will be breakfast. The reason that I choose to target college students, and sports fan/tailgaters is that Fargo/Moorhead has an abundance of college students. They are also known for the NDSU Bison football team, and we are also known for our tailgating. There is nothing as a college student that I love more than breakfast, and also with most Bison games starting at noon tailgating starts early in the morning. My plan is to open a Facebook page for my business. By using a Facebook page for promotions, and specials I can reach out to my target market. Along with letting my target market know my promotions and specials I can also let them know the location that I will be at either for the day, or for the week. Another plan that I have to attract customers is to have my own business webpage. This will be like my Facebook page, but will allow people that don’t have access to Facebook to find more info on my food truck. The webpage will however have a menu unlike the Facebook page. Otherwise all info between both the webpage, and Facebook will be the same. The best part with the Facebook page that I like more than the webpage is that with Facebook I can see how many people I have following me, whereas the webpage I have no clue.