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Read the Portfolio Project Description on the Week 8 Assignments page. The Portfolio Project requires that you select a case study to use for a case presentation.  You can choose your case from the text book, base the project on The Adventures of an IT Leader, or choose a real-life case. If you choose a real-life case, you must have the case approved by the instructor by Week 4. The real-life case is ATT/FACETIME CASE STUDY.
Part 1: For the first part of your project, you must construct a visual presentation in PowerPoint, Google Docs Presentations or some other presentation software that can be loaded to the grade center. Each slide should include lecture notes – i.e., what you would say if you were actually presenting this. Make sure each slide summarizes the general idea and your lecture notes expound – you do NOT want to be reading slides to your audience so be sure your lecture notes add substantive material that is relevant for each slide.

Your presentation should be 7-10 slides long, visually appealing and effective in delivering your message. Please note, however, that your PPT will be converted to a PDF file upon submission, so you need not worry about incorporating fancy transitions or animations as those will be lost upon submission. You may want to convert the presentation to a PDF yourself to ensure your images, formatting and lecture notes are not alters.  For instructions on how to do this, please click the link at the bottom of the page