Conduct an online audit of yourself.

Module 8 Paper

  1. Conduct an online audit of yourself.
    1. Search Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
      1. If you have a Google account, search both logged in and logged out.
    2. Search Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
    3. Use at least 3 of the tools identified in the articles assigned for reading in this module.
  1. Are you entirely comfortable with the information that appears? Will you use features such as Google Alerts? Why or why not?
  1. Based on what you found in the audit, what actions can you take to remove unsuitable or irrelevant content? Can you remove it yourself by making changes to online profiles? If the information is on someone else’s site, can you contact that person and ask for it to be removed?
  1. What are three steps you can take to set up a professional presence online?
  1. Review the privacy settings on your social networking profiles. What changes can you make to protect your information?
  1. Summarize your answers in a proper and professional email addressed to your instructor in the space below.