Computers and laptops product positioning

Computers and laptops product positioning


Imagine it was back in 1970-1980 where computers and laptops were very rare/unpopular. You open your computer company and you want to enter the market, what should you do/ you want with the product positioning?


This is where you state explicitly what your positioning is. Will you have a single brand positioning and image that encompasses both products or will each of your products have its own unique brand and image? Think through what you want to include in your positioning. For example, being a “great value” may be part of your positioning, but that is a fuzzy and incomplete concept – not to mention that it’s not “ownable” by your brand. What is the specific image of your brand that you wish to establish in customer’s minds? How do you communicate that image to potential customers? “Great value” can have various images: fun, educational, “a good business deal,” and so forth. Once again positioning, too, needs to make sense in terms of your strategy and your target segments. Will you be positioning your product on any of the other bases we discuss ( using product characteristics/customer benefits, the price quality approach, the use or applications approach, the product USER approach, the product class approach, the cultural symbol approach, or the competitor approach)? If so, explain which one(s) and why this is right for your brand. Remember, positioning is the shorthand message you want to communicate to your customers to entice them to engage in (more) voluntary exchange with your company.

Your TARGET MARKET: Workhorse, Cost-Cutter


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