A Comparison of Sit-to-Walk and Sit-to-Stand-and-Walk movements – implications for stroke rehabilitation.

Sit-to-Walk and Sit-to-Stand-and-Walk movements

Students are required to demonstrate an understanding of clinical gait analysis and provide a mini review of the literature pertaining to this area of investigation. Then, a full description of the experimental methodology is required followed by a detailed account of the findings and statistical results. The discussion should focus on the nature of the findings and how they compare with the work of others as well as the context of the two (very) different movements with respect to rehabilitation. The student is also required to reflect on their work and highlight any limitations that need to be considered when interpreting the findings of the study.
This work demonstrates students’ abilities to acquire information and produce in-depth critical analysis.

Students should ensure that the correct referencing techniques are employed, and that the coursework draws on relevant literature from both primary and secondary sources. Use the Journal of Sport Sciences referencing format. Students will receive written feedback on their assignments following the marking process.

(Appendix A provides an outline of the coursework marking scheme).

All work should be word processed, (Font size 12 and double spaced). Failure to acknowledge the work of others will be regarded as plagiarism, as will the direct copying of text from published sources and others. Plagiarism may result in failure of the element of course work concerned and possible further action.