Citizens have been turned into trespassers in their own culture.’ Discuss

Citizens have been turned into trespassers in their own culture

What makes the public domain and what we understand by the commons?
Ownership of culture..what does this mean ..who owns the knowledge economy? Discussion on Monopolistic and ownership discussion..Haida people discussion – CASE STUDY their culture got locked up in an IP aspect and they were not able to have access to their culture

Less abstract and more practicals – what does it mean to own culture? E.g. barbed wire and fence cutters discussion..what does citizen mean? What does it mean to own culture? Look at all the arguments; we live in a global village you can’t fence culture..breinhurst
Political economy argument
What is a trespasser in IP – to trespass in a physical sense usually means to be on property that does not belong to you.

A good idea is a Happy birthday song – who owns it? Are people allowed to sing it in public?
Who are the people going around telling you you are a trespasser? And who are the ones who think they have the right to trespass.

Culture identify – tension between public ownership and private control e.g mickey mousse intellectual property law
A good case study provides multiple ideas and relate them to ideas.
What is trespassing/policing?
Who gets to decide who/what is the trespassing or who its benefitting?
What are the consequences to trespassing?
Look at contradictions in a specific context?