Choosing a store location

Choosing a store location

1) The least flexible element of a retailer’s strategy mix is ________.

2) The first step in choosing a store location is to ________.

3) A trading area can best be defined as ________.

4) A major benefit of a trading-area analysis is that it allows a retailer to determine ________.

5) A major benefit of a thorough trading-area analysis is that it allows a retailer to ________.

6) The determination of trading-area overlap is most important for ________.

7) A proposed location for a supermarket chain is within three miles of a current store. What is the major factor that management should study relative to both locations?

8) Which technique graphically depicts a trading area’s characteristics?

9) Digitized mapping with key locational data are combined with

10) Which statement concerning the U.S. Census Bureau’s national digital map, TIGER, is not correct?

11) Between 50 and 80 percent of a store’s customers come from its ________ trading area.

12) The area that has the highest density of store customers to population is the ________ trading area.

13) The trading area with the highest average purchase by a customer is the ________.

14) A retailer should concentrate the bulk of its promotional activity in its ________.

15) A retailer’s outshoppers come from its ________.

16) Which trading area covers the greatest distance?

17) The most widely dispersed group of customers can be found in which trading area segment?

18) Primary, secondary, and fringe trading areas can be described on the basis of ________.

19) A store with a wide assortment of merchandise and a strong image in a particular merchandise category is a ________ store.

20) A store which does not have a real trading area of its own is a ________ store.

21) A newspaper stand in a hotel lobby can best be described as a ________ store.

22) In a regional shopping center, the store with the largest trading area is the ________ store.

23) Which computer-based system classifies and describes communities by ZIP code, as well as census tracts?

24) The simplest and most popular form of computerized site selection model is ________.

25) The regression computer site selection model ________.

26) In Reilly’s law of retail gravitation, the point of indifference is the ________.

27) The major assumptions of Reilly’s law are that two competing areas are equally accessible from a major road and that ________.

28) Huff improved Reilly’s law by adding which variable to the estimation of trading areas?

29) A major advantage of the Census of Population for use by retailers in trading-area analysis is ________.

30) An important advantage to the use of American Community Survey data in trading-area analysis is its ________.

31) An area’s commercial and industrial structure is referred to as its ________.

32) What type of economic base is preferred by most retailers?

33) Data on an area’s economic base are available from ________.

34) A retailer with a higher than average profitability is most likely to have which level of saturation?

35) An area which has the proper amount of stores to satisfy the needs of its population for a specific good or service is a(n) ________ trading area.

36) A retailer’s location strategy can be made more flexible through ________.

37) Which type of customers are generally not studied in a trading-area analysis?

38) A retailer with three retail stores located within a 10-mile radius wishes to advertise in a county-based daily newspaper which covers a very large geographic area. The retailer should ________.

39) High trading-area overlap is preferable for a retailer that seeks to ________.

40) Under what condition would it be rational for the trading areas of two branch locations to completely overlap?

41) Which software products enable retailers to graphically evaluate the characteristics of alternate locations?

42) The most important trading area to a retailer is the ________.

43) A retailer’s core shoppers come from which trading area?

44) Loyal customers who shop at a store despite very long travel requirements constitute the store’s ________.

45) A store has a disproportionately large primary, secondary, and fringe trading area. This situation can be caused by ________.

46) What type of retailer has a very large primary trading area?

47) Which of the following retailers is most likely to be a parasite in a major shopping center?

48) Which statement about the trading area of a parasite store in a regional shopping center is correct?

49) “A grouping of stores may actually increase the trading area for each store.” This statement especially applies to ________.