niche tourism

Niche Tourism

Complete a case study report focused on a comparison of two specific examples within one of the types of niche tourism that we have focused on this semester.

Firstly determine which type of niche tourism you wish to explore from the following options covered in the curriculum: Adventure Tourism, Dark Tourism, Film Tourism, Heritage Tourism, Indigenous Tourism, Medical and Wellness Tourism, Wildlife Tourism and Volunteer Tourism.


You are then required to critically examine your chosen two examples within the type of niche tourism.

You could, for example, pick up a particular region (eg., New Zealand for film tourism, Ground Zero in New York for dark tourism), or a particular organisation (eg, Projects Abroad for volunteer tourism, Peninsula Hot Springs for wellness tourism). You should not simply provide description of what it is, but analysis of this example and issues you uncover.

It is expected that your report will critically examine the following areas:

Stakeholders involved. For example consumers, communities, industry enterprises,

Governments, non-government organisations etc.

Consumers participating in this form of tourism and their motivations.

Potential impacts of the development of this form of tourism.

Future challenges for this form of tourism.

Any recommendations you might have to encourage this form of tourism to grow.

You are expected to use a wide range of resources for your assignment, including industry and government reports, and journal articles, publications and textbooks. You are expected to read beyond the list of readings provided in the course guide, because they are just a starting point.