business report in response to the scenario

The assignment is to submit a business report in response to the scenario below. Although based on Porsche there is no need for you to contact anybody within the organisation as you are applying what you have learnt on the module to this organisation. An in depth knowledge of Porsche is not necessary, so don’t waste too many words describing in detail what they do. You must, however, take into account the current business environment and the general nature of what they do/their industry.
Please include an Executive Summary.

The scenario

Porsche is a multibillion euro organisation that employs approximately 25,000 employees in a variety of locations, who carry out many different roles including engineers, production operatives and managers (Porsche, 2015).

As part of your Business and Management degree you are completing an internship at Porsche. You are working in the HR department based in Porsche’s UK site in London. You report to Janine, the HR Manager for Porsche UK.
As part of the induction period of your internship you have to complete a number of reports, presentations and small projects.

Here’s a copy of the email your boss Janine has sent you, which outlines your first assignment:

As part of your induction I’d like you to write a report for me so that I can hear your ideas on resourcing and talent planning. I’m specifically interested in your recommendations for Porsche, and I would like to use some of your suggestions in our next biannual Resourcing and Talent Review. This review covers topics such as how we can improve the recruitment of our employees, which selection methods we use, how we approach resourcing at Porsche and how we manage talent.

Here’s some advice:

Please give the reasons for the recommendations you make, and consider their potential limitations and how we could minimise them.
Porsche is part of the Volkswagen Group but I am specifically interested in Porsche, so please focus only on Porsche in your report.
I am very interested in hearing about theoretical concepts. Make sure you support your statements and ideas with evidence (i.e. reference journal articles, books, statistics and what other organisations do). Please use the Harvard Referencing system so that I can look up any references that you use.
The aim of this report is to see where you are in terms of your understanding and knowledge of HR theories and practices and to see if you can apply these to our business. A good report will be influential in our decision making regarding HR practices at Porsche. Please make sure that it is presented as a professional business report.

Please try to use references that are widely available to the public.