Building Blocks of Competitive Advantage

Building Blocks of Competitive Advantage

There is an article attached, read article and answer questions at the end under “Disscussion Questions/Case Study/Class Assignment” These are the questions below… Paper must be at least 5 pages minimum.

Conduct a multi-step analysis from the scenario provided to develop a marketing plan. The plan should focus on communication-based marketing, promotion/sales based marketing, or a combination of the two. Additionally, the plan should specify which of the social media networking sites summarized in this case should be used. In order to develop your thoughts, address each of the following questions:

8. Using the Building Blocks of Competitive Advantage, conduct an analysis for each of the nine style/networking site combinations that could be used.

9. Identify the social media networking site (Facebook, Twitter, or Foursquare) and the marketing style (Communication Marketing, Mixed Approach, or Promotion/Sales Marketing) you are going to use based o  the Building Blocks of Competitive Advantage analysis you conducted. Identify at least three ad  vantages and disadvantages based on the type of social media that you selected. Explain why you chose the combination over the other eight options.                                              generate ideas and guide your decision making process

10. Research and discuss the demographics of your customers and select the target market that you are attempting to reach (identify your ideal customer).

11. Based o  the social media networking site and marketing style you selected and your ideal customer, discuss how you would of how you will reach your target market (mediums, messages, promotions, etc.).