BSG Online Game Presentation – AAwesome

BSG Online Game Presentation – AAwesome

The Company Presentation link that appears in the Assignments menu in the BSG near the top of the Corporate Lobby screen provides the directions for preparing a team presentation covering the following aspects of the simulation:

Company performance for all decision rounds,

Strategic vision for the company,

Performance targets for the next year or two, assuming the simulation continued on,

Current company strategy and how it had evolved,

Closest business competitors,

Strategic moves for the next several years to improve the company’s performance and market standing to win the competition with competitors, and

Lessons learned.

Collaborate with your co-manager(s) to create a presentation that provides a brief review of the financial and strategic performance of your company during the time your team ran the company. Include figures (i.e., charts) depicting the following information:

Trends in the company’s annual total revenues,

Trends in the company’s annual earnings per share (EPS),

Trends in the company’s annual return on equity investment (ROE),

Trends in the company’s annual credit rating,

Trends in the company’s year-end stock price,

Trends in the company’s annual image rating,

Trends in global unit sales (both branded and private-label footwear), and

Trends in the company’s global market share.

When you launch the Decisions and Reports program in the BSG, you will see a Performance Summary containing bar graphs for your company’s performance on each of these indicators. To copy these graphs for inclusion in your presentation, click on the Copy to Clipboard button under a bar graph for the final year of the simulation and then paste it into a PowerPoint slide. Repeat these steps for each graph you wish to use. Minimally, your team presentation should include the following:

  1. A slide describing your strategic vision for the company.
  2. A slide showing performance targets for EPS, ROE, credit rating, and the image rating your team would set for each of the next two years (assuming the simulation were to continue), and global market share and/or stock price targets.
  3. A slide that sets forth your company’s competitive strategy in branded footwear in some detail and how that strategy has evolved over the years you have managed the company. You may need to have more than one slide here if your company’s strategy in branded footwear varies markedly from geographic region to geographic region or if your strategy

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for branded sales to retailers differs in important ways from your strategy for Internet sales.

  1. A slide that sets forth your company’s competitive strategy in private-label in some detail and how that strategy evolved. More than one slide may be needed if your company’s strategy in private-label footwear varies markedly from one geographic region to another.
  2. A slide showing your company’s production strategy and work force compensation strategy.
  3. A slide describing your company’s finance strategy (as concerns dividends, use of debt versus equity, stock issues/repurchases, actions to achieve/maintain a strong credit rating, etc.) Clearly describe your company’s dividend policy during the period you managed the company. Also, establish what sort of dividend increases, if any, you would likely consider paying out in the next two upcoming years (given the EPS targets you have established).
  4. A slide showing those companies you consider to be your strongest/closest competitors in branded footwear as of the last year or two of the simulation in addition to those companies that are your strongest/closest competitors in the private-label segment of the marketplace. Include one or more slides detailing the actions you would take to out-compete these close rivals in the next two years (assuming the simulation were to continue for several more years). If the actions differ between branded and private-label footwear, you may well need two slides for this information.
  5. A set of slides detailing the “lessons learned” about crafting a winning strategy and describing what the managers of a company should or should not do to be financially and competitively successful in a head-to-head battle against shrewdly-managed rival companies.

Evaluation The instructor evaluates the presentations using this evaluation rubric (PDF) and enters the scores into the BSG scoring system. The maximum possible score is 100 and your group presentation score contributes 10% of your BSG grade. The BSG grade contributes 35% of your course grade. Submission Requirements Save your presentation as a PDF with your team name in the filename (e.g., Awesome_Presentation, Best_Presentation, Champion_Presentation). By Week 9 Day 4, upload your presentation to the BSG forum for everyone to see and comment on. Include the file name of the presentation in the subject line.