benefit of the major indicators for doing business

World economies are ranked based on their ease of doing business. According to the World Bank’s 2017 Report on Ease of Doing Business (Doing Business, World Bank, 2017), Australia is ranked 15th out of 190 countries surveyed. When it comes to the ease of enforcing contracts it stands third out of 190 countries. According to the report, among others, a “high ease of doing business ranking means the regulatory environment is more conducive to the starting and operation of a local firm.” One of the key criteria in this ranking is enforcing contracts.

The research has two parts. First, find the report and go through indicators applicable to enforcement of contracts. After highlighting key indicators for enforcing contracts, discuss the
benefit of the major indicators for doing business, critically analyze and reflect upon two of these indicators with particular focus on how these indicators impact small and medium enterprises by citing examples. (1200 words). In the second part of your research, describe your research process, problems you encountered in your research and how you resolved these problems (300 words).