Applied Experience in Business & Marketing

1. Students must write and submit a paper analyzing the applied experience. This report will be 5 pages (length excludes cover page and references), Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, 1-inch margins, double-spaced. References should be cited in APA format.

This paper must address the following:

a. Project: General background information including the name of organization, a brief description of the industry, the organization’s products or services, and how the organization fits within the industry.

b. Process: A description of the student’s experience in the Applied Experience position. How was the Applied Experience obtained? What was the intern’s position within the organizational structure, i.e. what department, division or program did the intern serve? What duties were carried out? Did original duties change, and if so, in what manner?
c. Theory/practice linkage: Choose at least three theories or models from BME coursework. Analyze the hands-on, real-work Applied Experience against these models and present conclusions. Please note that descriptions of the actual theories should be limited to a few phrases or sentences at most. The analysis of the theory in a real life setting is the real heart of this report. Three-quarters to one page per theory or model (minimum) is recommended to fully describe the application in your Applied Experience setting.
d. Conclusions: Share some of your personal learning, either about individual growth, work style or habits, or about the industry and future career aspirations.