Analytics strategy memo

Analytics strategy memo

I am working for a BANK in financial industry. The head of HR in the company within that industry/org type has asked you to help her develop a strategy for effectively integrating analytics (and the people who do analytics) into organizational decision-making. She would like a full review of existing strategies, their pros and cons, and your final recommendations in the form of an 8-10 page memo.

You should take the following steps to complete this assignment:

Step 1: Review the material.(i will upload these materials)

Revisit the readings from modules 4-6, and the discussions we have had in class and online. Pay particular attention to the soft skills that are needed by analytics professionals to be effective in organizations, and consider which ones are the most important in this particular company.

Step 2: Analysis

Use your knowledge of the organization, and the role of analytics in it, to develop a strategy that has the following key components:

The drivers of decision making in your organization
Strategies for analytics professionals to engage in effective decisions
Strategies for analytics professionals to demonstrate their competence and expertise
Step 3: Write Your Memo

First, clearly state the challenges in effectively integrating analytics into an organization. Why does HR need a strategy? Then, lay out the key components of your strategy, and discuss why you have selected these components. Why these elements and not others? Finally, identify concrete next steps and action plans that would turn this strategy into a reality.