Analysis of Mission Rivalry in Nation park system

Analysis of Mission Rivalry in Nation park system

Need to answer these questions about   (Yosemite National Park)  in a 1000 words

within two hours and half:

The analysis essay includes 2 parts: Brief Introduction and Mission Rivalry analysis.

  1. Brief introduction of this National Park includes:

(1) History of the park: Established year, what’s the original status of the land in this park? Did public sector purchase the park land from a private owner, or donation, or other conditions?

(2) Organization of the park: Which organization is in charge of this National Park? Central government or local government? What’s the organizational structure of this park?

(3) Policy and act: What’s the relevant policy or act which regulated this National Park?

(4) Tourism development: visitors in an annual year, revenue in an annual year, average entrance fees;

(5) Budgets: what’s the different source of the budget? What’s the approximate share of the different budget source?

  1. Analysis of Mission Rivalry in Nation park system

(1) What is the mission statement of this National Park?

(2) Is there a financial deficiency issues in this park? How to deal with such issue? Is tourism a good way to gain the financial balance of the park?

(3) Is there any conflict between conservation and use for tourism or recreation in this Park?

(4) What do you think Mission Rivalry in U.S national park system?

(5) What’s your suggestion for policy making in order to obtain a better balance between Use and Preservation?