American culture, (Chinese culture) experience conflict

American culture, (Chinese culture) experience conflict

American culture, Chinese culture) experience conflict. Begin by watching the following video, located in the Films on Demand or You Tube

Google China Standoff* (48 minutes)

*If this video is no longer available, instead watch the following video from the Films on Demand database: “China Inside Out: Building Relationships with the Next Superpower.”

Use this video to inform your discussion board post, and include the following elements in your post:

  • Discuss the espoused values and the real values of one of the individuals, organizations, or macrocultures included in this video. Also, discuss the clues you observed that may indicate its values and deep, underlying assumptions.
  • Based on who you are and the lens through which you see the world, how did your own perspective influence how you interpreted the characters portrayed in the video?
  • In support of Model II values, how should the U.S. move forward in its trade with China, despite the differences in deep, underlying assumptions between these two macrocultures?

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