Amazon pricing of Echo

Amazon pricing of Echo


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Amazon recently released the Echo (speaker and command device). Do some research on your own about the pricing before you answer this.

The 5 C’s of  include

  • Competition
  • Costs
  • Variable
  • Fixed
  • Total
  • Company objectives
  • Profit orientation
  • Sales-oriented
  • Competitor-oriented
  • Customer-oriented
  • Customers
  • Demand curves and pricing
  • Price elasticity of demand
  • Channel Members

After you have completed some research, answer the following questions.

1  Of the 5 C’s, which do you think is/was the most important for Amazon as they priced the Echo?

2  Which pricing strategy or tactic do you think they used? Which one do you think they should have used?

3 Google has released its version as well. How to you think it compares to the pricing of the Echo as far as strategy? Why do you think they priced it how they did?