Adorable Annie’s Problem Statement

Adorable Annie’s Problem Statement

This week you will assume your role as an intern in the marketing department. You have been assigned an option to work with one of the company?s clients, either Adorable Annie?s (a shop that specializes in high-quality children?s apparel and accessories) or Easy Peasy (a vegetable-based snack for kids and adults who are health conscious).

The clients have each identified the Problem Statement to guide you in developing their marketing plan. Review the Problem Statement’s each client has chosen and choose which you will work with.

Adorable Annie’s Problem Statement:Adorable Annie’s is not generating the profit they desire and while well known locally, they need to increase profits to keep the store open. They currently don’t have an online presence and hope to generate better brand awareness along with increased profits, but are not sure how to approach expanding their brand and marketing.

Easy Peasy Problem Statement: Easy Peasy has been very successful in their region, but do not currently have a national following or strong brand awareness outside the Northeast. They want to increase sales and branding beyond the Northeast, but are not sure if the risks are worth the potential increase in sales and profits. They are also unsure of how to expand their marketing.

Choose your client and begin your marketing plan by first:

  • Identify the market your new client falls into.
  • Determine the type of marketing the client will be using (B2B, B2C, or product or service).
  • Use this information to write an executive summary introducing us to the client and the client’s products or services.
  • Include important information on the product or service attributes.


  • Your total research, analysis, and discussion should contain 500–750 words.
  • Utilize proper MLA formatting

For this assignment you will be assuming your role as a student reporter for your school newspaper. This week your assignment is to research advertising agencies and write an article to be published in the newspaper. Format your submission as a newspaper article including a headline and include the following information in your article:

  • What is an advertising agency?
  • What functions do advertising agencies perform?
  • What types of services do they offer to clients?
  • What role does market research play in the daily activities of an advertising agency?
  • Why is advertising an important part of a marketing plan?


  1. Your research, analysis, and discussion should be 500–750 words long.
  2. Use proper MLA formatting.