Accounting Corporate Governance

Accounting Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Practices and Their Impact on Firm Value in the UK & KSA Companies: A Comparative Study by Using Throughput Model

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Corporate Governance Practices in UK
  • Corporate Governance Practices in KSA
  • Literature Review

Write some recent studies that have done and relate to this topic by using different model or theories

  • Research Model & Hypotheses Development

Write about Throughput Model in General as ( what is it, How can use it in Corporate Governance Practices and what is the different with other theories), then write about its Pathways in general then write about the three pathways that are chosen how can apply them as hypotheses ( you can see more info about Throughput Model and its Pathways to the articles )  . There are some articles I have sent them to get more info about it .

  • Research Methodology
  • Data Collection

All data is taken from different resources such as ( annual report of company, company’s website and London stock market and Tatawul in KSA ) you can see the file name is ( companies + Variables D and Ind ) there are two lists companies and the data start from 2010 to 2015 so, 6 years for each company


  • Research Variables

         – Independence

–  Dependence

* Using PLS software to analysis

* Descriptive Statistics

* Correlation Coefficient

  • Analysis, Result and Interpretation

You can see file name is (results of UK and KSA) and analysis each pathway and support that by some studies have done in same station